Vertrouwen door het keurmerk ter goedkeuring!

Vertrouwen door het keurmerk ter goedkeuring!

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the product reached me so soon. and its quality was great.
easy, fast, polite
I received a faulty test where the silicon-pack that was in the test was broken and had leaked all over the place. This caused scratches on the test-strip area and after use it did not give any result.
After speaking to customer service where I asked for a new test, they told me that I could have sent a picture of proof before taking the test and they could have sent a new one. But since I did not have a picture they seemed to be uncertain if I was telling the truth.
I am not blaming the company that sells the tests but it could be a manufacturing problem.

We came to an agreement that if I wrote a review I would receive a new test.
So in the end it turned out well.

I am happy that this company/site sells test at home-kits, which is good if you are a person who likes to take a test in the comfort of your home and the shipping time was relatively fast. Another good thing is that they sell 4th gen tests, which not many sites do.

Hopefully if I decide to order more tests from this site in the future there will be no problems with the test.
Good reliable shop that i would recomend to anyone.
The product was easy to use but still i had spome doubts.
After the sale they are availble for any support to use the test and understand the indication of the test. I hope that i never have to use this kind of products any more but if i need, i will return to HIVtest.eu


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